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How To Use A Shampoo Bar // SOLID ROOTS

Key Takeaways:

  • Instead of lathering the shampoo bar in your hands, apply the product directly to your wet hair and work up the lather that way, adding water to boost your lather game.

  • Store your bars on a draining soap dish, soap saver, or dry washcloth and keep out of the stream of the shower when not in use to preserve the life of your bars.

  • When your shampoo bars get too small to easily use, you can press the bits of your old bar to your new bar for a seamless transition between products. Easy breezy!

We have a lot of new folks in the Solid Roots Tribe so I thought I would jump in here and write a quick blog post on how to get the most out of your shampoo bars. For those of you new to the world of shampoo bars – welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Thank you for helping us save the planet one bar at a time. Solid Roots solid shampoo bars pack a real punch when used correctly. But there is a slight learning curve if you're used to liquid shampoo. The bars are a mega-concentrated form of shampoo chock full of amazing hair-loving ingredients, like omega-rich oils and butters, potent botanical extracts, and delicious-smelling essential oils. They will lather up and rinse clean just like the products that you’re used to – but your hair will look way awesome-er, and be healthier, to boot! Instead of lathering the shampoo bar in your hands, like you might do for a bar of hand soap, apply the product directly to your hair! Yup, that’s right. We recommend making sure your hair is totally saturated with water, wetting the bar, and then swiping the bar directly on the crown of your head a few times. For shorter or thinner hair, you’ll only need a couple of swipes. Longer, thicker, or textured hair will need just a bit more product to really get the lather going. Solid Roots’ shampoo bars are super concentrated, so less really is more. In fact, our shampoo bars have nearly three times more active cleaning agents than a bottle of shampoo (not that we’re comparing…).

After you’ve applied the product, start working up a lather. If you find that you want more lather, try adding more water to your hair before adding more product to really up your lather game. Since the bars are waterless, you really need to add the water back in from your shower stream to help activate the lather. Also be sure to keep your bars away from the stream of water in your shower or bath when not in use and store them on a shower dish that drains, soap saver, or place them on a dry washcloth in between uses, allowing them to dry out fully. This will preserve the life of your bars.

But what about when your bars get too small to use? We got you covered on that, too! We designed our shampoo bars to be smush-able (mashable?) when they get small. This allows you to press your old shampoo bits onto your new shampoo bar, giving you seamless transition between products. You can also put the shampoo bar pieces into a small cotton bag and lather them up that way.



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