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We are for...

Conscious consumers that are thoughtful in their buying practices, care about the contents, whom they are buying from, and whom they are supporting.  They believe in quality craftsmanship, transparency and small + local businesses. They know that buying local makes a big impact not only for their community, but for the environment. No need to sort through endless mediocre products, we're bringing the best. Conscious goods from conscious makers with a wellness focus. From mind, body to environment CURO delivers a premium curation of local goods from hand selected vendors.

Zero Waste Store



Shoe Craft


We are for...

Conscious makers/vendors who have visions that align with ours. Their artisanship is infused with a thoughtful approach not only to their craft, but to the environment with a promise of quality goods. CURO values makers and offers an alternative distribution channel for their business. The CURO Collective does not have hidden fees, we don't operate for quantity and we promise a place where you don't have to compete with mass production or over saturation.  

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