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Marianeth Crockett


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Marianeth, founded CURO as a creative solution to a two-part problem. One for makers and conscious consumers. ​As she developed her own pain points as a maker/designer herself, she realized a community​ of makers that felt unsupported, unseen, and over saturated. She also realized there were consumers, like her, who cared about wellness, prefer to shop small and consciously. She began to think of a way to connect the two with emphasis on conscious approaches. She believes that small efforts lead to big impact and, serving the direct community will create a ripple effect that will transform the world in a bigger and more sustainable way.


Our products are thoughtfully selected, many of which are small-batch, handcrafted, unique, but always locally sourced. We're on a mission to reduce carbon footprint and build thriving communities. Buying local means little to no waste and directly investing in makers and local infrastructure. CURO is beyond a platform, we are proud to be an ecosystem of cultivation and impact.

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